[mythtv-users] New channels not inserted for firewire

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Sun Aug 26 13:41:51 UTC 2007

On Aug 25, 2007, at 10:15 PM, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:

> On Sat, 2007-08-25 at 20:42 -0600, Curtis Stanford wrote:
>> When switching to SD, I accidentally deleted all my channels. I could
>> not for the life of me get the 'Fetch Channel' feature in mythtv-
>> setup to work or the mythfilldatabase --do-channel-updates to work.
>> After looking at the code in datadirect.cpp at line 733, it calls
>> update_channel_basic using the is_encoder value, which is false for a
>> firewire connection. As a result, update_channel_basic will never
>> insert a channel. When I commented this out, it worked fine.
>> I may be reading it wrong, but I can't see how a new channel would
>> ever get inserted for a firewire video source.
> Have you tried the new "--do-not-filter-new-channels" mythfilldatabase
> option to get the channels inserted?
> Firewire is an odd case because it's digital but it doesn't have a
> channel scanner*. It should probably be treated as an analog encoder
> until we have a channel scanner for it. I added the
> --do-not-filter-new-channels option to deal cases like this until
> I can write up something better.
> * It still doesn't have a channel scanner right? I began writing one,
>   but I don't remember finishing it. The scanner figured out all the
>   channels that were 5C encrypted and left those out of the lineup.

No, it doesn't have a channel scanner although that would be terribly  
useful. :)

The --do-not-filter-channels option doesn't work either. I tried  
deleting a channel and
ran 'mythfilldatabase --only-update-channels --do-channel-updates -- 
and it didn't insert the missing channel. It seems to be this  
is_encoder check that stops
it from creating any channels because is_encoder is always false for  

It did work last time I set up my zap2it account (quite a while ago).

Thanks Daniel,


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