[mythtv-users] Issues upgrading mythtv on FC6

Chris K ckotting at wideopenwest.com
Sun Aug 26 01:59:51 UTC 2007

Rich West wrote:
> Now, there IS an ivtv-kmdl package built and maintained by ATrpms, but  
> for reasons Axel got in to, yum is getting in to this crazy state.
> The work around is to:
> 1. remove the current ivtv-kmdl rpm from your system (don't worry, this is ok)
> 2. perform your yum update or whatever it is you are trying to do.
> 3. take a look at the kernel version it just installed.  Using that  
> kernel version, run "yum install ivtv-kmdl-<kernel version>" (take a  
> look at your previous ivtv-kmdl's numbering scheme to get an idea as  
> to what it is supposed to be.  For example,  
> "ivtv-kmdl-2.6.21-1.3194.fc7"...
> 4. Reboot.
> You should be all set if you make sure you install the ivtv-kmdl that  
> matches the newly installed kernel.
I actually got around this dependency problem when doing a yum upgrade 
from FC5 to FC6 by doing a yum upgrade on ivtv alone before doing a 
general yum upgrade.  I'll post the whole process as soon as I can find 
where my wife stashed my notes when company came over...


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