[mythtv-users] How to upgrade?

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 25 17:41:06 UTC 2007

Cliff Avey wrote:
> I apologize if this question has been asked before. Could you folks 
> point me to some info about how to upgrade my MythTV while preserving my 
> library of pre-recorded programs? I have an ancient version (0.18 on FC3 
> with a 2.6.10 kernel, client/server setup). I assume I also need to 
> upgrade my Linux. Problem is, I don't have enough hardware to build a 
> 2nd server, and it records almost every day (at least it will until 
> Zap2It shuts me off and I can't switch to SchedulesDirect), so I need to 
> to upgrade quickly while preserving as much data as possible.

Upgrading from FC3 in itself will be an adventure that has a good chance 
of requiring a complete overhaul but if upgraded in small steps might be 
possible. Hopefully your recordings are saved on a different drive than 
your OS. In any case you will need to backup your database before 
starting. If you dont already have a graphical package manager like 
synaptic then install it. Edit your sources.list file to FC6 or FC7 
repositories. Start your package manager and tell it to mark all upgrade 
then deselect any kernel or module upgrades you can and upgrade the non 
OS portions of your system. Then reselect kernel and module updates and 
update again. Once you have updated everything do one more upgrade cycle 
to be sure you catch everything. If you are lucky enough to make it this 
far, a mythtv update will be simple. It should handle the upgrade of the 
database on startup and all your recordings will still be there.

Good luck, the new version requires more processor than your existing so 
you may have issues after upgrade. If you are handy with sql and 
compiling source then you can follow the lead of another poster and just 
upgrade xmltv and fix your database.

PS - This is a good opportunity to blow the dust out of the case and 
fans. If your system has been running for a long time its pretty dusty 
inside and is likely getting hotter than it should.

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