[mythtv-users] Are my capture cards broken?

John Nelson nelsonjohnw at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 15:42:19 UTC 2007

Fellow MythTV folks:

I think I ruined $200 worth of video capture cards.  But I am not sure.
Rather than broken equipment, the problem may be my failure to properly set
up the MythTV box.

The symptoms:

My capture cards are being recognized by the system.  However, the cable
signal is not.  The non-cable, over-the-air channels are visible.  The cable
channels do not come through.

Possible reason:

I have three cards.  I have a 5-way splitter and a signal booster.  When I
first was setting up the box, I had my boosted cable signal going through
the 5-way splitter NOT on the IN mal plug of the splitter, but on one of the
OUT male plugs.  My TV was able to work this way, so I did not realize it
until later.

I am wondering if, for some reason, this may have caused my capture cards to
become fried.  Or, perhaps, they became fried during the move from an old
apartment to my current one.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?  I would consider purchasing new
cards at some point, but I would like to be sure of these cards' failure

One method I thought of using to test out the cards was purchasing Windows
XP Media Edition in order to see if they work for Windows.

I have Hauppauge PVR-150s (three).

I have an AMD-64.

I am installing it using the Ubuntu instructions.

I installed an AMD-64 and x86 version.

Any help would be appreciated.  I miss my OSD; regular cable does not tell
me what I am watching.

Take care all!

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