[mythtv-users] PVR-350 Almost Working?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Aug 24 18:32:17 UTC 2007

scott at tbwifi.ca wrote:
>> The above looks perfect! What exactly seems to be the problem? Have you
>> tried
>> doing a capture outside of myth? Are you connecting to the correct capture
>> device in mythtv-setup? Are you linking the correct capture device to the
>> properly defined source?
>> Mike Perkins
> I am just trying to get past the basic ivtv test using
> cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg
> With the setup above using ivtv 0.7.4, the test.mpg file is empty.  Did
> you see anyting wrong or odd in my modprobe files?  Where does bttv come
> into things?  When I remove modules using the approach in the ivtv howto:
> /sbin/rmmod ivtv cx25840 tuner tveeprom msp3400 wm8775 tda9887 saa7115
> saa7127
> I need to use rmmod ivtv -f and rmmod bttv -f before I can unload the
> others normally because something is using the modules.  Does this offer
> any hints?
> Is there some other application that could be using or messing with ivtv? 
> I've read where some people delete and or modify some settings in the
> Mandriva Control Center.  Does that ring any bells with you?
I have found in practice that touching anything to do with video/TV by using the 
Control Centre is usually counterproductive. (It's brilliant for most other 
purposes, though.)

I tend to pore over the files in /etc looking for things which might be "out of 
place". Unfortunately the Mandriva installer does some dumb things which were 
relevant to previous package versions, and not been kept properly updated. I 
will add/update the wiki when I can, but that won't be till the week after next now.

Your files look OK. I haven't had to rmmod anything; but I'm still using ivtv 
0.7.0. I didn't have any problem with cat /dev/video0 > file.mpg. Have you used 
the tools to make sure you are tuned to a real channel?

I'm sorry I can't be of much more assistance here. For my combination, things 
have mostly "just worked". I have had more trouble on the DVB-T side.

Mike Perkins

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