[mythtv-users] Unable to record and scheduled recordings lost

Robin Karpeta Robin at karfaz.gotadsl.co.uk
Fri Aug 24 17:46:41 UTC 2007

I've been using MythTV for almost a year and am extremely pleased with it.  
(Jarod Wilson build on Fedora Core 5. Thanks Jarod!!)

However two days ago there was a power cut and since then I cannot record:

Symptons are:

Upcoming recordings list is empty (set to view all).

When attempting to record from a list or from the schedule no errors appear 
but it simply does nothing and no icon appears on the schedule listing.

However, everything else works.  Can watch Live TV and picture in picture (two 
tuner cards PVR 350 and PVR 250).  If I press the record button whilst 
watching live TV then the show records correctly.  Only it is not 
hightlighted as recording.

Also able to see all items recorded up till the power cut and play them back 
and so on.

I have examined the mythbackend logs and run mythfrontend with the -v all and 
checked the output.

I have also checked the consistency of the database with mysqlcheck and all 
tables come up as normal.

Finally I restored the mythconverg database from a backup taken automatically 
just after the last recording and before the power cut.

Nothing works.

I would be very grateful for anyone who can help.  And if I have missed 
anything obvious, I apologise in advance :-).


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