[mythtv-users] Asus M2NPV-VM - Component vs. DVI

Bryan Mayland bmayland+mythtv at capnbry.net
Fri Aug 24 16:10:05 UTC 2007

Andrew Burgess wrote:
>> * Asus M2NPV-VM (integrated GeForce 6150)
> My 5500 wouldn't reliably drive my 42" lcd, the tv wanted
> 150Mhz dot clock and the card only went to 135Mhz. I
> overrode it with an nvidia option but the display was
> unreliable, sometimes the tv said 'no valid input' or
> something. Console mode worked sometimes, never after X ran.
> A 7600 solved it. Does the X11 log say the mode you want is
> discarded because of something like this?
    I have the same motherboard and the tv encoder dot clock (used by 
component out) has a 400MHz max dot clock.  I don't know what the DVI 
ports max clock is though.  I think the point is moot though, as my 720p 
is only 74MHz, and 1080i should be about the same.

    I found the quality to be much better using the DVI port from that 
motherboard to my Panasonic LCD Projection (720p) television.  However 
it only has 1 digital input on the back, which goes to the cable box for 
now.    What modelines are you using for your 1080 and 720p?  My 720p 
over DVI is razor-sharp.  The NVIDIA drivers have built-in modelines for 
standard resolutions too.  I'd try the mode "1280x720_60" if you haven't 
already.  There's also "1920x1080_60" and "1920x1080_60i".

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