[mythtv-users] Louder TV

Alastair Kerr alastair.kerr at ed.ac.uk
Fri Aug 24 11:44:28 UTC 2007

dropax wrote:
>> Joe Ripley wrote:
>>> On 8/22/07, Martin Turner <xmode at westnet.com.au> wrote:
>>>> Hi MythList,
>>>> Does anyone know of a way to make the audio louder in myth? I have both
>>>> Myth and alsa (via alsamixer) set to 100% but the sound level is still
>>>> quite a but lower than that of the analog signal coming in to my TV. I'm
>>>> assuming its just the cap cards I have recording at a slightly lower
>>>> level, but I have no way of turning it up any more than it already is..
>>>> It kinda makes the myth volume controls useless on my system as turning
>>>> it to 75% makes it silent, and it wont get any louder than it already is
>>>> (unless I turn my TV all the way up, but then I pop my eardrums when I
>>>> turn the thing on because the volume on non-myth TV is so loud)..
>>> Stupid question, I know, but are you sure you're using the amplified
>>> output on your sound card?  Most sound cards and onboard sound devices
>>> have an speaker output as well as a line-level output.  It's possible
>>> you're using the line-level output instead of the speaker output.
>>> Do sounds other than Myth recordings play at a higher volume (i.e. CD
>>> audio)?  Perhaps it's (as you say) specific to the levels being
>>> recorded by your tuner.
>> VLC doesn't seem to have this problem.. Its not totally silent, just a 
>> bit quiet (and watchable) but as its already at 100% I cant turn it up 
>> in the quiet bits, or if there is some noise around, without finding the 
>> TV remote..
>> As im prone to doing noob like things I have also just checked and its 
>> plugged in to the headphone socket (also tried in the front headphones 
>> socket to same effect)
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> Any chance this is a Dell Optiplex?  I struggled for weeks before I 
> discovered that their on-board audio has line-out only, and it's a lower 
> level than most component audio equipment.  Seems they expected 
> amplified speakers to be the only use.
 Try turning off (disabling) the OS based audio mixer and just use it in 
MythTV  (this worked for me in Kubuntu)

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