[mythtv-users] XBMC port to Linux and Mythtv

Steve MacLaren scram69 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 22:58:07 UTC 2007

> I've got a soft-modded Xbox running Xbox Media Center as my front end
> and I love it.
> XBMC is an amazing piece of software. My wife and kids can drive it,
> it's extensible via python (sadly, no perl to speak of), and it "Just
> Works".
> Highly recommended.
> --
> Cal...

A question to the XBMC/myth users on this thread:  I currently have an XBOX
running Xebian (Cromwell BIOS).  I want to turn it into an XBMC mythfrontend
(as opposed to a Xebian mythfrontend).  How do I go about converting it to
XBMC?  I am fairly certain that I need a different BIOS, but how and in what
order should I go about reflashing the BIOS and transferring/installing the
XBMC files?

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