[mythtv-users] PVR-350 Almost Working?

scott at tbwifi.ca scott at tbwifi.ca
Thu Aug 23 21:10:51 UTC 2007

> Are you sure that ivtv is in the Mandriva 2.6.17 kernel? It may have
> been provided in the distro, but the ivtv driver did not enter the
> kernel proper until 2.6.22.
> For 2.6.17 kernels, ivtv 0.7.4 is the current stable release, with no
> further updates planned as all development is directed toward the
> 0.10.x and 1.x releases for kernels >= 2.6.18.
> Nick Morrott

In addition to Mike's comments I just came across this little tidbit on
the FAQ section of the IVTV site at the bottom of the page...

Mandriva 2007: has support in de kernel you only need to download de
firmware rpms from plf to get a working configuration.

It would appear that it uses the 0.7.0 version from what the dmesg outputs


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