[mythtv-users] PVR-350 Almost Working?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Aug 23 16:34:39 UTC 2007

scott at tbwifi.ca wrote:
>> I'm running 2007.1 and firmware 0x20050032 is what is available from the
>> Mandriva repository. Mind you, I'm only running a PVR-250.
>> Mike Perkins
> Mike,
> Maybe there is hope for me then.  I have more or less given up with my
> 2.6.17 kernel options and have been trying to get a 2.6.21 TMB kernel
> working with no success.  What kernel are you using?  2.6.17-something? 
> If so you are still using a 0.7.something version of ivtv?  Please let me
> know.  As well if you have made this work, how did you install ivtv?  Was
> it via the tarball or via a mandriva RPM?  I've tried both with poor
> success.  Can you please post your ivtv section of dmesg here for me to
> compare?
Apologies. I should have provided such info in my original post. My setup (on 
the relevant machine, which is the workstation I am typing this on) is kernel 
2.6.17-14mdv. I've got a AMD +3000 Sempron x86_64 (I know) with 1Gb memory. IVTV 
is in the kernel, it's what is provided: version 0.7.0 is what dmesg says. I 
did, however, rebuild the kernel, although it was sufficiently long ago I can't 
remember much of what I changed. One thing was the cpu options - I selected the 
AMD64 extensions rather than the generic x64 ones.

I am running on an ATI-based motherboard (MSI RX480 Ne02) with matching ATI 
video card (Radeon X300SE). Despite this, I get none of the problems other 
people seem to have with ATI - I am only using it for SD TV though, and it works 
well enough for that. I run a slave backend and a frontend on this machine, 
although the frontend is "on demand" as this machine has all kinds of other junk 
on it.

Mike Perkins

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