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Fri Aug 3 13:33:49 UTC 2007

out the major problems in -fixes (i.e. fix channel scanning, fix
HDHomeRun support, ...)--most caused by external changes (i.e. to the
kernel or just plain new hardware/firmware releases) on his own took so
much time that creating these frequent tarballs became impossible.  So,
perhaps his getting additional help would be useful (but I'll let him
chime in on that one :).

Also, since you and Jarod have more "experience" with -fixes than most
of the -devs (who are generally just using trunk), you may be a perfect
team for the job.  And, it's possible that the Ubuntu packagers (who are
also doing a lot of work on the -fixes branch) may be able to aid the
cause, too.

BTW, Jarod has been working feverishly to re-fix channel scanning in
-fixes (again due to changes to the kernel) in preparation for the
0.20.2 release.  Again, he's had to spend a great deal of time on the
job (so, my thanks goes out to Jarod and those who are helping him for
helping make upgrading to Myth with Schedules Direct support a choice
for users).

Anyway, thanks for the answer and for volunteering to do even more work
than you have been doing.  Now I'll step back from the conversation and
let the devs give you useful information (and potentially SVN/website


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