[mythtv-users] SD on MythDora

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 23 01:13:42 UTC 2007

I'm not 100% sure (as I installed MythDora as well), but from everything I've seen and read, it looks like checking out via SVN and compiling from that is how it's gonna work.  Its not too bad, as I checked out the latest mythweather-revamp and built it OK.

Sorry I couldn't be better help.  If anyone else has any more input, I'm very curious as how to update mine as well.


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From: "Gary Jones" <garysj at gmail.com> 
Once I sign up for the SD lineup, what needs to be done to make it work with Myth .20 that comes with MythDora? I've seen plenty of discussion about SD and its pros and cons and some mention of a "slight change" that needs to be made, but I haven't seen where that change has been explained (although I may have missed it with the massive volume of emails coming through this list). Thanks. 

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