[mythtv-users] PS3 with MythTV? No need...

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Wed Aug 22 17:09:00 UTC 2007

Just my take on it, but I expect that it will present the same threat
that Tivo and cable/satellite proprietary DVR's present.  MythTV
provides an enormous amount of features that any closed
source/proprietary DVR cannot or will not provide..


> Just saw the title of this on the BBC and haven't bothered to read any 
> further...
> "PlayStation 3 owners in Europe will soon be able to record and playback 
> digital TV."
> Now I know people were looking at getting Myth working on one, but is there 
> any need to now? And what kinda threat is that gonna be to Myth? Any other 
> details? Maybe I should just go read the article. And save...

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