[mythtv-users] lost recording

norman norman at littletank.org
Wed Aug 22 08:22:37 UTC 2007

>         > How can I be sure that I will only affect this recording and
>         not any
>         > others which I have edited and I am storing prior to burning
>         on a DVD?
>         >
>         You have to know the the start time and channel id of the
>         recording 
>         and specify them when calling mythcommflag directly.
>         http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Mythcommflag
>         Sorry,it looks like this is not going to work as there is no
>         clear skip list.
> At least in the SVN version and I think in the last release there is:
> mythcommflag --clearcutlist
> that will remove a cutlist.  You can then also use the -f parameter to
> specify a filename instead of knowing the chanid/start/endtimes 

I am not very good at understanding and using the terminal but I am
always willing to try and to learn. If I did something like this does it
make sense and could it work?

mythcommflag -f /MythTV/tv/1856_20060425200000.mpg --clearcutlist

Thanks  Norman

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