[mythtv-users] Fwd: DVD import: subtitle background color?

ikke ikke at iki.fi
Wed Aug 22 07:32:58 UTC 2007


How to get rid of the white background of subtitles while ripping DVD?

I wanted to encode some DVD's as a xvid to HDD. The result was good,
except the subtitles are horrible. Every time there is subtitle, it
jumps on screen with a white background taking 1/4th of the screen.
How to get rid of that white background?

Mythtv uses transcode to create the xvid, and transcode has options
like extsub - color[12] and c[ab], and whatever. Are those relevant,
and can they be put as some userdefined preset value for mythtv

At least here in Finland it is normal to see subtitles just as a text
with no background colors. Just plain white characters on screen.

My MythTV version is about week old trunk, transcode is
1.0.2-0.8ubuntu3 and other utils are from up2date Feisty.

 - i

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