[mythtv-users] IVTV driver has stopped responding

Scott Souter scott at tbwifi.ca
Wed Aug 22 05:53:03 UTC 2007

I am using Mandriva 2007 kernel 2.6.17-5mdv on a 64 bit box.  I've managed to 
get ivtv working outside of Myth but when I try to watch live TV this is what 
was logged...

2007-08-21 23:42:02.564 TVRec(1): Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2007-08-21 23:42:02.565 TVRec(1): HW Tuner: 1->1
2007-08-21 23:42:02.654 MPEGRec(/dev/v4l/video0) Warning: Audio sample rate 
3200                               0 Hz
                        is not supported by ivtv driver, using 48000 Hz 
2007-08-21 23:42:08.263 MPEGRec(/dev/v4l/video0) Error: select timeout - ivtv 
dr                               iver has stopped responding

Any theories?


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