[mythtv-users] HDHR recording with too low volume playback

Rick rbonafied at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 00:32:06 UTC 2007

Mike LaPlante wrote:
> Rick wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm noticing the shows recorded with my hdhr have very low volumes.  I
>> don't recall this being noticable with the 20-fixes branch, but I am
>> noticing it now with SVN trunk.  This could just be a coincidence.  I am
>> using ALSA.
> I've noticed the same thing on my firewire SA3250HD. I don't remember it 
> being that way on SVN 13756 (I may have that revision wrong, whatever 
> Axel's last build was before 14051), but its possible I just didn't 
> notice. Now I'm running 14051 and I have to crank the volume up any time 
> I'm on the firewire tuner. Which makes for a loud surprise when I switch 
> back to the Hauppauge tuners.
> Sorry no help to you Rick, just throwing it out there that you're not 
> the only one. I don't know anything about HDHR's do they record using 
> MPEG2TS also? Maybe there is something related.
> Mike
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Even though this doesn't solve the problem, I'm sure every little bit
helps.  With that in mind, I've learned something interesting.  (At
least I think it is)

1) The HD file I'm watching was recorded from HDHR in the 20-fixes
branch.  It played louder under 20-fixes (I think)
2) I've since compiled the SVN trunk and started to notice the drop in
volume when playing back the HD content.

Interesting part:
1) I play the file using mplayer (with no other volume changes) and it
is just as soft as mythtv.
2) I play the file using xine (defaults) and it is much louder and clearer.
3) I play the file using vlc (defaults) and it is louder as well.

I'm not sure if myth uses the mplayer libraries during compilation, but
it may be related.

Here are some of my system particulars:
    Distribution: mandriva 2007.1
    Kernel: 2.6.17-14


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