[mythtv-users] Is there a tuner limit? (problem with >8 tuners)

Chris Wilkie - NetrinoUK chris at netrino.co.uk
Tue Aug 21 15:57:20 UTC 2007

 > > cardid=<9-12>'.  The GUI isn't happy if you try to edit 
> those cards, 
> > but now it's all set up there's no need.
> And patching that wouldn't be hard.

Probably not, but I've not got a clue where to start and, as I'm not
using the GUI anyway, it seemed easier to hack the database.
> > I'm also using the PAE kernel in order to make use of the 16GB 
> Are the Xeons 64-bit cappable? If yes, you should use a 
> 64-bit system PAE is a dirty workaround. BTW I hope the 
> server has more to do than recording and serving recordings. 
> A single dual core with 2gb memory is already oversized for 
> this task. The only benefit your big iron may have (I wasn't 
> able to find docs for a HP DL720) is that it has more than 
> one PCI bus.

I've no idea - as I said before, hardware isn't really my thing.
They're 2.5GHz Xeons with 2MB cache, that's all I know.

Apologies, looks like I typo'd the model number.  It's a DL740.  As
above, I've no idea about PCI buses, but I can't see 12 x 35MBit Mux's
being a huge problem.

> > Now the problem I'm having is write speed on the disk array.  When 
> How is the disk-array connected? through a PCI 
> card/controller on the same bus as the Novas?

It's an onboard controller, but I'm told it connects via the PCI bus.
The hardware guys here are also telling me the issue is down to the
write cache, so we might have to mount up the video folder from the
attached storage server via NFS.  All the media will end up on it
anyway, but I was planning on keeping thw raw mpeg on local disks and
only dumping the re-coded files down to storage.  If it solves the
problem though, there's plenty of space.

> > The multi-rec brand looks a bit vague, certainly way over 
> It is stable and it works mainly. I have patches pending 
> which makes it useable. So I would advise everyone who wants 
> to use it to wait a couple of days.

Well, I'll have a 'spare' box with 5 x Nova-T (single tuner versions) in
it as soon as this one is ready, so I may well give it a try.


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