[mythtv-users] Reboot while watching the second ( or third ) show

MythTV mythtv at blandford.net
Tue Aug 21 00:04:52 UTC 2007

I am currently running myth trunk version 14051 from atrpms on top of 
Fedora 7.

For the past several weeks, I have been having a strange problem 
watching recorded shows with a front-end machine.

Watching the first show works fine.  Frequently, when selecting the 
second show, the front-end will just reboot. 

I just see the screen go black, and then see the bios starting up.

I don't seem to get any errors in the system log or from mythfrontend 
which I always log.

Once it comes back up, I can successfully watch the show that failed 
without reboots.

I can reproduce this very easily.  Any suggestions on what the problem 
might be or how to debug?

I have an ASUS A8N-VM CSM motherboard with onboard nvidia 6150 video, 
AMD 3200+ processor, and 1 gig of ram.  I am not swapping or running out 
of memory.

Any suggestions on what might be the problem or how to debug?


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