[mythtv-users] sudo nice --5 xine Permissions?

MythTV mythtv at blandford.net
Mon Aug 20 20:14:47 UTC 2007

Jon Boehm wrote:
> Hmm,  I'm not getting something.
> me at machine:/usr/local/bin$ ls -l dvdplayer-launcher.sh
> -rwsr-sr-x 1 root root 1578 2007-08-19 21:02 dvdplayer-launcher.sh
> The group and owner are both root and I did a chmod +s on the script. 
> Still xine refuses to launch from the myth ui.  Am I misunderstanding 
> something fundamental?

 From the wikipedia article referenced:

Due to the increased likelihood of security flaws, many operating 
systems ignore the setuid attribute when applied to executable shell 

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