[mythtv-users] so where can I buy a Cablecard Set Top Box?

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 20 17:59:39 UTC 2007

>From: Andrew Burgess
> >This is actually why the Sony DHG-HDD250 (250 GB) and DHG-HDD500 (500 
> >They are actually still available on ebay and the prices have come down a
>Wow. $35 on ebay and $750 on amazon!!! :-)
>Doesn't seem to have firewire though...

I'm assuming that "$35" was a typo ;)...you're certainly not getting even 
the 250 for that unless it's as-is and broken or something.  I was lucky.  I 
got $700 for my 500 before the prices started dropping.  I was very straight 
forward in my auction about the potential obsolescence of the unit due to 
the Gemstar TVGuide issues, but was still able to get that for it.

You're correct...there's no firewire.  The USB port, as far as anyone knows, 
can only be used for firmware upgrades.  There's no way to get get to the 
physical recordings on disk or to increase storage in any way 
either...exactly the the kind of setup the industry apparently wants in a 
device with a cablecard slot I suppose.


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