[mythtv-users] Hiper HMC-2K53A-H2 First Impressions (Awesome HDfrontend)

MythTV User mythuser at ibvs.se
Mon Aug 20 15:44:19 UTC 2007

I finally managed to download the source code. Their site leaves a lot to desire. I also added a link at the Futaba Wiki;


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    I have searched the entire drive for lcdproc.conf but it is not there. The module is called "MSI Media Live Display" on their site (look under support / Get Pluto). I have attached a bit of source code that may be of assistance perhaps.

  Can I get you to send me the MSI Media Live display.h file? Or zip up the directory. I cannot download anything from plutohome. Their main page works, but downloads and svn do not work for me.


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