[mythtv-users] Some quirky issues

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 19 21:26:53 UTC 2007

I thought that I sent this message last week, but I can't find it in the archives anywhere, so I guess it never went out.  Very strange, but I thought I'd try it again. :-) 

I have MythTV 0.20 running on a FC6 box (installed via MythDora 4.0), and I have a pcHDTV 5500 card installed in it.  I have my main cable coming into my living room with a split in it:  once to my Comcast Motorola DCT3412 set-top box and the other into my pcHDTV card.  I have the card setup in my MythTV setup as a DVB card, and have setup both the Digital and Analog options for it (with my 2 Zap2It accounts: one for Digital and the other for Analog).  I also have a Firewire connected between my PC and the set-top box, and have a capture card setup for it in MythTV to use the Digital lineup.

Here's my questions:
1) When I scan for channels on the Digital portion, I get maybe 5 channels. The rest timeout.  When I scan for the Analog channels, they all timeout.  For the digital scan, this happens no matter what settings I use: QAM-256, QAM-64, etc.  What should I do to get the full compliment of channels?

2) How can I get MythTV to use the Firewire connection?  I can't seem to figure out if it is being recognized and, if so, how to use it.

3) My pcHDTV 550 card has a connection on the back (sort of like a PS2-type connection) that has Audio out, S-Video In, RCA Video Out, and an IR receiver.  If I hook the RCA Video to my TV and switch  my TV to that AV mode, I get no picture on the TV.  I can only see the TV output from MythTV when I switch my TV to the PC-Input mode.  How do I get this video output to work properly?

4) I just purchased a Logitech Harmony 550 remote (which rocks, BTW!).  I've been reading up on lirc a little bit, and I realize that I probably have to buy a seperate IR receiver (since the one on the pcHDTV doesn't work).  Would anyone recommend one that works with this remote?  Would a Serial one or USB one be better?

Thanks alot for the help!
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