[mythtv-users] Can't tune Multiplex_B from UK DVB-T Waltham

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sun Aug 19 15:36:58 UTC 2007

I've moved my system and have had it working on all multiplexes except
Mx_B (BBC4, Cbeebies etc).  The signal is good and my STB has no
problem, but mythtv-setup reports 'No tables found' and the dvbapps
scanner and the Windows tuning program also fail on the same

I suspect that the problem may lie in my Freecom USB tuner, which has a
limited number of PID filters (ticket #1970), and that once I have the
right tuning information everything will be ok.  Maybe I've been trying
to set up at the wrong time of day and should try sometime after
midnight, but I'd appreciate it if someone would post a working dvbapps
tuning file output for the Waltham (Melton Mowbray) transmitter.
Feedback will, I'm afraid, be slow because I'm at present 200 miles from
the system.


John P

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