[mythtv-users] Commercial Flagging Bad on Firewire

Brian L. Walter blwalter at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 14:21:48 UTC 2007

Daniel Agar wrote:
>> I use both an hdhomerun input and a firewire input from a cable box.
>> Mythcommflag does a reasonable job on the hdhomerun, but a poor one on
>> the firewire.
>> On the firewire it detects a commercial break a minute or two early and
>> comes back before the end of the commercial block. I'm not sure, but it
>> seems like the interval between where the incorrect detect occurs and
>> where the commercial block starts increases further in the recording.
>> My sense is that it is detecting the right number of commercial blocks,
>> but not marking them with the right offset.
>> Any ideas?
> I'm also getting terrible results recording from firewire through an SA
> 3250. The video looks great and plays back just fine but I've never had
> accurate results in the commflag. It misses most commercials, and the
> commercials it finds are not close at all. I suppose this doesn't really
> help you though...
Just my 2 cents:

I've got 2 hdhr's, one pvr-150 and a pvr-500.

On the hdhr - comm flagging is perfect on hd material, hit or miss on 
digital non-hd materail

On the pvr150 which is being fed by a Directv box (using svideo),  it's 
very hit or miss...and also depends on the channel.  TNT from the pvr150 
is  terrible, but, TNT from the 500 (which is cable) is pretty good.

I guess what I've concluded is it depends on the source of the program.  
There's *something* in the stream that makes it harder or easier to 
skip, even for the same channel from 2 different sources.  It's just not 
one of the things that's high enough on my to do list yet to 
investigate....Some day I'll read through the code and see if I can make 
heads or tails of it.


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