[mythtv-users] WAY OT - read only if interested in US/UK relations. was: Re: forums are up

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Aug 18 17:18:39 UTC 2007

Mike Perkins wrote:
> Brian Wood wrote:
>> Bearcat M. Sandor wrote:
>>> I thought it was funny. At least i took it as a joke, as in "British
>>> English" vs "American English". It's especially funny since it's the only
>>> choice.
>> They can't be too different, after all we both have a King George.
> Fortunately, ours is dead!

All six of them. Both of ours are still alive.

And the last of them had the courtesy to resign.

A true story:

In 1976, as part of the US Bicentennial celebrations, Elizabeth II and
the Prince of Wales were being given a tour of the frigate USS
Constitution ("Old Ironsides") in Boston.

Upon being shown one of the 24-pounders on the gundeck, Her Majesty
noted the monogram of George III. She turned to the Prince and said
"remind me when we get home to speak with the Secretary about these
foreign arms sales. I believe they have gotten out of hand".

Truer words have rarely been spoken.


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