[mythtv-users] Questions related to Fiber to the home and Scientific Atlanta set top boxes

Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 01:14:08 UTC 2007

> Hi,
> Our local telco company within the last couple years installed Fiber to
> the home in our area and it going to start providing TV service on the 1st
> of September.
> I was thinking to switching to it then as when bundling with other
> services like telephone it's cheaper then cable.
> Unfortunately unlike the cable company they require the use of a set top
> box which I don't think will work with my PVR-500 as well.
> I called them up to see what information I could get on the set top boxes
> and they said the following:
> 1. The set top is Scientific Atlanta model 303, 403 or 630 depending on
> what you ordered.
> 2. You only need one set top box per every 3 tvs.
> 3. The boxes have USB but not Firewire.
> From looking online I can't find anything about those models and I don't
> see how #2 is possible and without Firewire it appears it won't be that easy
> to use with mythtv.
> I decided to post here and see if anyone knew anymore more this.
> If not I can ask on Tuesday when they show a demo of the service.
> Justin
> _________________________________________________________________

you should be able to use the pvr-500 and a IR blaster to change channels.

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