[mythtv-users] ALSA/Myth config and digital broadcasts in mono

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Fri Aug 17 22:38:26 UTC 2007

On Thu, August 16, 2007 18:44, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> The ALSA response to which you linked said it was a Myth problem because
> Myth should have different devices for passthrough and for PCM.  It
> does.  Therefore, the problem you're experiencing is a Myth
> configuration problem--the Myth configuration of your audio devices is
> incorrect, meaning that you've specified the wrong ALSA configuration to
> use for the audio devices.  I.e. using ALSA:iec958 is one ALSA
> configuration and ALSA:plug:iec958 is a different ALSA configuration.
> Both configurations completely bypass your ALSA configuration file, so
> it is not an ALSA configuration file (~/.asoundrc or /etc/asound.conf)
> problem.
> Set up your audio as I've specified above--with plug for the audio
> output device and without plug for the passthrough output device, and
> all will generally be well, whether using passthrough or not.

(I changed the subject to better match the topic)

Michael, I understand what you are saying, and it does appear to be an
alsa config issue.  My confusion lays in the fact that I did not have any
issues with the sound output on any other channel until this.

Using the asound.conf from the digital howto (one minor change, the
pcm.digital-hw is device 3) using the default plug "slave.pcm
dmix-digital", sending all audio out the S/PDIF jack to my receiver
(television, xine, mythmusic, etc) has been working fine and still does
with the old settings, it's just that one channel that has single channel
audio that throws the error.

I've googled and grepped, and I still can't find anything that I can use
to figure out what is wrong with the configuration.

I throw myself upon the mercy of the list and beg for information to
figure this out!

(While bypassing the config does seem to work, it bugs me that there is
something Not Right(tm) with the system, and I want to fix it, much to the
dismay of my wife who complains that I tinker too much with things)

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