[mythtv-users] Has anyone tried the new release of LinuxMCE yet?

Paul Huber paul2004x at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 21:34:41 UTC 2007

>> Plug and play...

There is a database that maps vendor/model ID's to device templates, which,
for pvr cards, have rules about how to configure those cards in mythtv.  If
it's not auto-detected, you can still configure it the regular way in
myth-setup, so you don't lose anything.  If the vendor/model id is in the
database you will see a message that says "TV Tuner detected", and it works
out of the box without configuring.  The video wasn't faked, and everything
I did worked as shown.  Admittedly since LinuxMCE is new it doesn't have a
breadth of pnp cards, but in those cases you just use myth setup or provide
the vendor/model id so it can be added to the pnp database.  I do think that
since making cards pnp makes the install so much faster and easier the best
approach is just to expand the pnp database rather than get too frustrated.

As far as I/R control, it supports USB UIRT, IRTrans and Tira out of the
box.  But you can still add other devices, you just have to do it the
regular way rather than being pnp.

Regarding using serial devices to control your A/V gear, this is *MUCH*
better than using infrared.  I'm sure you've noticed that i/r isn't 100%
reliable, and can be slow.  I did use serial control for the sharp tv and
yamaha receiver in the demo.  But the Vizeo tv didn't have serial, so it was
controlled with i/r, and it did work out of the box.

The only lighting control that's totally pnp in LinuxMCE is ZWave.  If you
have a ZWave dongle the videos in the setup wizard guide you through the
process of pairing lamp modules and flashes them inidividually so you can
identify.  Other lighting control, like X10, EIB, etc., is done by adding
the lights in the admin panel.

Sorry if it didn't work for you out of the box, and that the list of pnp
hardware is still limited, but most users have said that when they do have
compatible hardware LinuxMCE is the easiest to get going with Myth and it
does work out of the box.

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