[mythtv-users] UK listings problem

sven waeyenbergh sven.waeyenbergh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 12:52:20 UTC 2007

Dear list,

I have recently added a PVR250 connected to my brand new SKY UK sat receiver
(via sky box with external channel changer via serial port).
To my surprise, that went very smoothly, but i've run into troubles gettings
the TV listings.

I've noticed 2 methods of getting these for UK:
- rt grabber (radio times i think) : just seems to hang, takes about 2 hours
to get to the first channel when running in manual mode first time.
- bleb.org grabber. running filldb does run and complete, but it doesn't
seem to grab any data whatsoever.

Is there anything wrong with the UK grabbers ? Are these maybe restricted to
UK only or something ?
Could anyone advised me a UK grabber that does work ?

i haven't had any troubles setting these up for other parts of the world, i
thought a grabber like bleb should be much faster then the other european
ones, since it just grabs a XML file.

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