[mythtv-users] Will MythDora install trash existing partitions?

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Thu Aug 16 12:56:07 UTC 2007

I recently Upgraded from Mythdora 3.2 but I decided to backup my records
because 4.0 changes /video to /storage I also took a dump of my database
which I could have just dumped back after the install but I choose to rescan
all my channels and only reimport the data I wanted ie. Recordings and their
seektables plus a few rss feeds etc.


So far I'm pretty impressed with Mythdora 4.0 over 3.2 I have had a few
small issues


http://g-ding.tv/?q=node/2146 & http://g-ding.tv/?q=node/2149


Here are some instructions that might be useful







Phill Edwards wrote: 

I'm thinking of upgrading my MythTV system as it's currently FC5 which
has been end-of-lifed. I'm having a look at MythDora but have a
question. Does anyone know if it will trash existing partitions or
will it allow me to leave some of them alone? In particular I don't
want to touch /video.

I am pretty sure Mythdora will leave existing partitions alone.  I have the
latest version installed on a machine that has about 8 partitions on; with
it setup to boot into about 6 or so different OSes (various linux, windows,
etc).  You should be good to go.  Just make sure that when you do the
install, you are careful to select "view advanced options" (or something to
that effect) when it asks you where the install (and also the boot loader)
will end up.  

Good luck with the install, I have been very happy with Mythdora 4.0; and I
find it much easier to use and setup than Knoppmyth.


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