[mythtv-users] Will MythDora install trash existing partitions?

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Thu Aug 16 12:28:35 UTC 2007

Phill Edwards :
> I'm thinking of upgrading my MythTV system as it's currently FC5 which
> has been end-of-lifed. I'm having a look at MythDora but have a
> question. Does anyone know if it will trash existing partitions or
> will it allow me to leave some of them alone? In particular I don't
> want to touch /video.
> Regards,
> Phill
> _______________________________________________
Make sure you set up the partitions manually and you should be safe, the 
automatic partitioner WILL destroy what you have...


PS. You do have proper backups, right? ;)

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