[mythtv-users] Oh sure, NOW it gets fixed...

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Thu Aug 16 08:32:21 UTC 2007

So I received an email today from zap2it saying that my subscription was 
going to run out and should renew it.  For giggles, I did so.

After it was renewed, suddenly the ability to add a listing started 
working (it's been non-functional for some time).

Account for the analog side is still busted, but the digital side has a 
working lineup now.  Good thing the only local channel that had a 
differing lineup between analog and digital added a new multiplex 
'channel' and is now simulcasting the original analog lineup on the 
digital side.

AverMedia analog card that generated a good amount of heat, goodbye! 
Time to re-aim the antennas on the roof and add in the air2pc card I've 
got laying around.

Fully digital, here I come!  Wheee!  :-D

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