[mythtv-users] Building a new MythTV box for the living room

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Aug 15 21:26:50 UTC 2007

> Hello,
> I am thinking of building a new MythTV box for use in the living room and
> therefore need to keep the noise low. I have never used a VIA EPIA card
> but
> it's tempting to build the system on that.
> So we assume that I are building on VIA EPIA platform...
> * I have looked at VIA EPIA MII12000, would that be a good choice or do
> you

How well does kind of setup handle h264 video?

That would be the only thing that might be a show stopper. My A64 3500+
and X2 3800+ systems have not been able to handle h264 adequately well.
Basic playback was possible but navigation didn't quite work.

Definitely don't skimp on the frontend in terms of looks and noise/heat.

Otherwise it will be sitting there in front of your face reminding
yourself how ugly it is, constantly on a day by day basis.

A mac mini makes a really cool living room frontend but I don't know
if it meets your requirements.

> recommend other (what do you have)?
> * Would that be able to run both frontend/backend?
> * Is it compatible with Kubuntu/MythTV?
> * Would you recommend CompactFlash or harddrive if a frontend only box?

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