[mythtv-users] Mythvideo: Internal Player, mplayer or Xine which is prefered?

Jon Boehm boehm100 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 15 18:30:31 UTC 2007

I'm using .20-fixed svn

DVD: I abandon Internal because it would often glitch exactly at a 
chapter change point.  I use xine for dvds because of its dvd-nav 
capabilities.  Still xine is not 100%.  I see the occasional very slight 
glitch durring slow panning shot.

Here is the command I use
/usr/bin/xine -pfhq -D --no-splash dvd:/

Video:  As already mentioned, Internal has seek problems with prefect 
ripped dvds.  Its even worse under .20-fixed.  ~60sec into a movie it 
starts to HORRIBLY pixelate and the audio gets out of sync. A jump back 
fixes the issue.  I didn't have patience for that so I switched to 
mplayer with a mplayer-resumer.pl wrapper.  Mplayer-resumer.pl remembers 
the exit location for resuming the video.  The only complaint I have 
with this setup is some times its slow to load.  I think its doing some 
page swapping or something.

Here is the command I use:
/usr/local/bin/mplayer-resumer-fixed.pl -display :0.0 -stop-xscreensaver 
-monitoraspect 16:9 -fs -ao alsa -afm hwac3 -aid 128 -zoom -vo xv "$1"

Good luck,

Anthony Giggins wrote:
> Hey People,
> I recently upgraded from Mythdora 3.2 to 4.0 and have had some issues with
> Xine not playing the audio from some XVID avi's but it is working from
> others all of these are using MP3 audio at 128 bit rate. these worked fine
> in version 3.2 which used mplayer by default I believe.
> So this has raised the question which is prefered by everyone for
> mythvideo playback Xine, mplayer or the Internal Player? and what are the
> pros and cons of each? I've looked around the wiki and have not really
> found the information I was looking for.
> Thank You
> Anthony
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