[mythtv-users] Can't configure MythTV with alsa sound support

Andy Morton andy.morton at teamtbt.com
Wed Aug 15 18:20:46 UTC 2007

Hi there. I'm trying to upgrade my mythtv setup with the latest svn
trunk, however, I'm unable to configure it with alsa support meaning
that the final installed version has no sound at all.

I'm configuring with the command ./configure --enable-audio-alsa, but
that gives the output

# Sound Output Support
OSS support      yes
ALSA support     no
aRts support     no
JACK support     no
DTS passthrough  no

It built previously with Alsa (well, at least with sound on the final
installed version - I didn't check the audio support output that time
round) no problem, so does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanking you in advance!

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