[mythtv-users] Hiper HMC-2K53A-H2 First Impressions (Awesome HDfrontend)

MythTV User mythuser at ibvs.se
Wed Aug 15 15:14:26 UTC 2007

I tried installing Pluto (plutohome.com) on my HMC-2K53A. I was scanning internet for potential VFD drivers (as many of you also seem to have done) and noticed the DM140GINK appearing in one of their plug-in's. Much to my surprise, the VFD fired up and worked like a charm. 

Pluto is Debian based and open source so for someone a tad more technical then me I am sure it will be very easy to extract the driver from the code and plug in to MythTV (which also is a part of Pluto by the way).

I am not exactly thrilled to use Pluto as it is very difficult to configure with lshwd and lsusb failing due to that broken USB port. What I want is to run the 2.6.22-git16 and a nice simple MythTV and the VFD working.

If anyone wants to pick up on this I'd be very happy.

PS. The built in Wlan works with Ndiswrapper as well as the RT2x00 driver but performance is a disaster. Unfortunately it works flawlessly in windows using RT73x drivers. If anyone have succeded to get decent performance in Linux, please let me know.


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