[mythtv-users] Quick script question

Sarah Katherine Hayes aleph.wintermute at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 15 13:54:41 UTC 2007

I'm overhauling the screenshooter.sh script I found on the Mythic 
website, just so it's multiple front-end aware and can be run from 
either FE or BE without issues.   Just for giggles if it hits a file 
that meets the criteria (is a valid video file, but does not exist in 
the database) it'll do a quick import and continue generating the 

Does this look right:

mythconverg -sNBe "insert into `videometa` (`title`, `director`, `plot`, 
`rating`, `inetref`, `year`, `userrating`, `length`, `showlevel`, 
`filename`, `coverfile`, 

Assuming the variables are all filled correctly?

Once I get it working (which is just the last little bit) I'll post it 
up here for people to laugh at :)


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