[mythtv-users] Fedora 6 diskless front end

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 04:51:57 UTC 2007


I am attempting to set up a diskless frontend with NFS
boot roughly following the procedure here:


What I have done so far on Fedora Core 6: installed OS
and updated everything to the latest version, except I
kept the kernel at 2.6.20 (due to failures with
firewire and LIRC in 2.6.22 that I have read about). 
Installed "system-config-netboot" and configured the
distribution.  Let it put the kernel and initrd into
the tftp server repository.  Hacked the initrd image
as documented (added mount.nfs, added line to remount
snapshot directory rw).  Set up the kernel options to
include ramdisk_size=1024, audit=0, selinux=0.  Set up

What happens now is that it mounts the root file
system, says it's starting /sbin/init, sits there for
about a minute without printing anything to the
screen, and then brings up X.  All of the services I
would expect to be started are indeed started, just
nothing is printed to the screen.  Once the system
comes up I can log in, fire up mythfrontend, etc., as
I would expect.

I figured it might be a problem with the graphical
boot so I set GRAPHICAL=no in /etc/sysconfig/init, but
still nothing is printed during boot.

It seems that I have a "working" system but I would
like to see the boot messages.  Any ideas where the
boot messages might be disappearing to?  Thanks in advance.

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