[mythtv-users] Un-watchable Mythtv

jphughes at optonline.net jphughes at optonline.net
Tue Aug 14 20:42:51 UTC 2007

jra thanks for the help
This is a new install and had not worked since being installed.
I tried capturing TV feed and played it back using 
mplayer. The playback was flawless. Recorded programs in MythTV  are jerky as previously described.
By the way I also can’t get it to play a 
DVD, although I can play the same DVD in mplayer.
Under system status it show the Myth version as” 0.20.20060828-4 Unknown”
I will check the log files and see if anything obvious. 
While I remember  cpu usage is 
running at 70% with Mythtv is recording . It this not way to high?
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