[mythtv-users] Scanning on a mixed QAM64/QAM256 Cable System

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Tue Aug 14 18:20:06 UTC 2007

Hi there,

I've been playing with my Aver A180, and am getting ready to enable it in my 
myth system.  

I've gotten as far as scanning for channels.  However, when given the choice 
between QAM64 and QAM256, I'd like to choose both somehow.

My cable company uses QAM256 for almost all channels, but uses QAM64 on 2 
frequencies.  Those 2 frequncies happen to have many of the best unencrypted 
channels.  Is there a way that I can tell myth to first try QAM256, then 
QAM64 if it fails.  Also, can I specify which frequencies to scan?  I'd like 
to only go from 279 MHZ to 447 MHz + 99Mhz, since I know thats where the 
digital channels are, and I don't want to waste time scanning other 



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