[mythtv-users] iPhone remote control for MythTV

Kyle H. Stoneman kyle at kylestoneman.com
Tue Aug 14 17:56:07 UTC 2007

Over the weekend I wrote up a python CGI script and a couple HTML  
pages to allow you to use an iPhone as a MythTV remote control, and I  
thought you all might be interested in it.

There are two pages for the remote, one has links to jump around  
throughout the system (main menu, live tv, video library, dvd player,  
play music), and the other has a keypad.  These pages are stored in  
the web root on the machine running the mythtv frontend.  Those pages  
then use javascript requests to send a get string to a python script  
stored in cgi-bin.  The python script then sends the commands to  
mythtv via telnet.

The whole thing runs relatively quickly, but if anyone has any ideas  
on how to improve it, or ideas of things to add, I'm all ears.  This  
is my first foray into development work for MythTV.

I wrote up a longer description online, which also has a link to  
download the various components as well as screenshots and a video of  
the remote in action.  http://www.legatissimo.info/node/355


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