[mythtv-users] Hauppauge Win TV HVR USB Stick

Peter A. Jones peter_alan_jones at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 13:08:03 UTC 2007

> I considered getting one those for a third tuner too. but I'd avoid that
> product for a number of reasons.
> 1) It has an ATSC tuner, which is VSB modulation.  Almost every cable
> company (and all that have cablecard) use QAM modulation.  That means
> you can't tune any digital channel off cable.
> 2) The NTSC tuner is a frame grabber.  It does not have an MPEG2 encoder
> on it, so you'll have to software encode.

[sorry if this message doesn't correctly follow it's thread - I'm using the email digest]

I can't speak for the HD Homerun personally but it seems to receive near-universal praise.  Great linux drivers, solid hardware, etc.

I do have the Hauppauge USB stick running in my Myth setup and it works great for OTA ATSC tuning.  As previously mentioned, it does not have an encoder for analog content (I only use digital signal, pre-encoded mpeg2) so you will need CPU horsepower for analog recording.  I'm actually not sure that the HD homerun has an mpeg2 encoder either, though you could easily look that up.

I like the stick tuner because it a) it moves a source of heat out of my under-ventilated case and b) it is very discrete - I have it on a USB extension cable so it just looks like some sort of in-line adapter instead of a bulky external tuner.

If you do go with the Hauppauge USB stick and have trouble installing drivers email me or post again - I have setup notes somewhere (for Ubuntu 7.04).


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