[mythtv-users] Concurrent display on different resolution screens?

Bob maillists.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 05:48:21 UTC 2007


I have a widescreen (1280x768) projector and a 4:3 TV, both connected to a 
single nVidia graphics card.

Ideally I would like myth to be displayed on both screens concurrently so that 
it is dead simple to switch between viewing content on either the tv or 
projector, or both at once.

I don't think using TwinView Clone is an option, the lower resolution TV is 
always going to be a limited viewport onto the larger screen.

Is there some way to have a cloned display scaled?  That begs the question of 
how to scale it given the different aspect ratios.

Is some sort of Xinerama or multiple X screen solution possible?  I guess 
mythtv would have to display itself on two screens, with different aspect 
ratios, at once.  Likewise mplayer or whatever is outputting the video.

Failing that, is it possible to map a button to a mode switch 
(on "1280x768,NULL;NULL,640x480") and have mythtv and mplayer (or whatever) 
resize themselves in response to the mode switch event?

If those aren't viable options I guess a button can be mapped to script which 
restarts X using a different mode or layout, but then I think you'll lose 
your place in myth or the content you're playing.

Can mythtv cache multiple versions of pre-scaled theme data?

Multiple X servers and instances of mythfrontend might be a bit to confusing 
for a non-savvy end user perhaps.


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