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Fri Aug 3 13:33:49 UTC 2007

I've attached the old post in case the subject line doesn't trigger the
attachment of old info=2E=2E=2E
Daniel A=2E Segel wrote:
> Paul Harrison wrote:
>  =20
>> OK I think I know what the problem is=2E Does the old =2Enuv file have =
>> different filename format than the newer =2Empg files=3F If so the prob=
>> is in the way the "Select Archive Items" screen is getting the=20
>> ProgramInfo=2E It extracts the channelID and starttime from the filenam=
>> and uses that to get the ProgramInfo=2E
>>  =20
>>    =20
> Yes, the old files have names like this:
> 1172=5F20050612080000=5F20050612093500=2Enuv
> The new files are named like this:
> 1122=5F20060328180000=2Empg
> I guess the older files have the start end end times encoded in them,=20=

> while the newer ones only have the start time=2E Is it possible to renam=
> them without too much trouble=3F Or would I have to make edits in the db=
> all over the place=3F
> Daniel
>  =20
Should be fixed now in latest svn=2E I've changed the way the chanID and=20=

starttime are obtained which will work with both new and old style=20

Paul H=2E

I have this similar problem with some old 0=2E18 version files that I want=
burn=2E  I have downloaded and compiled the latest version on the myth
download site (version 20a), but I suspect that this doesn't include some
of the patches that are referred to latest SVN=2E  How does one use the SV=
system and will it work with Mandriva 2007=3F =20

Thank you,

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