[mythtv-users] Kudos to mysql [was FINAL ANSWER: Can only connect to mysql as localhost]

Lan Barnes lan at falleagle.net
Mon Aug 13 15:05:30 UTC 2007

On Sun, August 12, 2007 3:26 pm, Lan Barnes wrote:
> Still needed some tweaking, and I want to record it for the lists:
> 1. Needed to grant privileges on the BE IP addr to root in mysql. Yup, to
> root. Donno exactly why, but mythbackend was complaining about not being
> able to connect to the database at startup. I thought root could do
> anything, but apparently mysql doesn't agree.

As I think about it, this is actually a sound design decision on the part
of the mysql team. Allowing logins from a remote root is a no-no.
Certainly it makes sense for a server to have a list of permitted IPs from
which root may attach.

Having these insights is the whipped cream on top of the Linux sundae. The
weeks of thrashing about getting things to work is the eat your

Lan Barnes

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