[mythtv-users] Smarthome/X10 integration

Jon jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 09:31:24 UTC 2007

On Aug 10, 2007, at 7:42 AM, George Galt wrote:

> You might also want to look into whether or not Smarthome is supported
> fully.  When I looked about 6 months ago, Smarthome support was
> limited.  It seems to be primarily an X10 system.  This may have
> changed, but if you want to use some of the Smarthome features, you
> should look first.
> George
> On 8/10/07, Andrew Close <aclose at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 8/10/07, Phill Wiggin <alamar at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On 8/10/07, Andrew Close <aclose at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> On 8/9/07, Michelle Dupuis <support at ocg.ca> wrote:
>>>>> I just heard about LinuxMCE for the first time, and the demo  
>>>>> looks pretty
>>>>> impressive!
>>>>> One thing I'm missing in Myth is Smarthome/X10 support.  Does  
>>>>> anyone know of
>>>>> a myth specific plug-in for X10 control?

Check out Pluto Home. I don't know about the mythtv integration, but  
it's a very advanced stage open source home automation suite. I've  
yet to try it (I'm saving to get all the X10 outlets and switches  
next spring) but they're really doing a lot with it.


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