[mythtv-users] Quick way to burn a DVD?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Aug 13 09:02:36 UTC 2007

John Drescher wrote:
> Although I have not upgraded yet. I believe that is how the current
> SVN mytharchive works. The double selecting has been removed.
Yeah, and it confused the heck out of me first time I used it. Big gotcha - if 
you accidentally select, say, the wrong episode of a show you want to archive, 
there's no way of getting rid of it from the archive list that I could find. 
Short of going to the work directory and blowing everything away. Someone forget 
to implement the 'D' function?

And could someone explain why we have to have such an awkward set of GUI screens 
for mytharchive, that don't obey any of the conventions that other Myth screens use?

Mike Perkins

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