[mythtv-users] Can I filter channel line ups and password protect them or tag media this way?

chris phillips mythtv at chrisphillips.org
Sun Aug 12 23:26:25 UTC 2007


I've been running Myth for the past year and half and would like to adjust
the channel line up to be filtered, and I don't know if this can be done or

The example I could point to is Bell Express-vu which has the ability to
create multiple 'guides' (aka lineups).
What I have done is cherry picked all the kids channels so the kids don't
have to surf hundreds of channels.

This seems to work extremely well and makes it easy for the kids....they
don't even know CNN exists :)

So, what would be very interesting is to have the ability to filter the
views depending on the audience (and even maybe password it to channel line
up owner...).

This request is aimed at the live TV watching as that is what the kids are
habitually doing since the # of shows I record are numerous, it certainly
isn't everything out there on Toon Network or YTV.

So, does anyone have any suggestions or pointers on how to accomplish this?

By the way, I've been following the linuxmce 3-d thread and I don't know if
that platform has that ability either.

Ultimately, I probably would want to either classify or assign privilege
levels (hmmm maybe content owners? Parents, Child #1 etc) so that the end
user could just limit their view to their content.

Thoughts and comments welcome..

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